– 03.01.2012

Jewellery sculptress Maryam Keyhani  has always had a penchant for recreating history. Next summer she looks to the portrait paintings of 18th century French artist Ingres. Inspired by his paint techniques, which worked to make the textures and costumes of his subjects lifelike, Keyhani has pushed the use of silk and tulle into a structural,…
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 – 21.12.2011

Whatever happens to stock that is not used, not sold and cannot be stored any longer? Dutch based design company Droog, went to great lengths to find out how this kind of waste can be put to good use. By donating goods ready to be destroyed, into the hands of keen designers, Droog found that…
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 – 14.12.2011

They seek inspiration in the most unlikely places, and pay respect to cultural identities with design. This season, MoutonCollet have merged the ideas of pop art iconography and Masai princesses to build the collection “Requiem of the Sun”. The colour palette is outrageously fresh, inspired by solar colours. Cottons are found in nude, rose fluorescent…
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 – 02.12.2011

If in Europe, when one mentions the name C&A, one is sure to think of a busy, affordable, department store, with very bright lighting. But did you know that the two brothers behind the name (Clemens and August), would travel to the north of the Netherlands by foot, selling high quality fabrics to wealthy farmers? What…
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 – 30.11.2011

Yes, we do like good looking things but we are most definitely in love with things that look good and have an outstanding technical approach at the same time! That´s why we have to let you in on the fact that there is a new headphone which does it all: Molami – it´s female, features…
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 – 25.11.2011

Paula Bianco is label behind Israeli designer Smadar-Pola Azriel. Inspired and named after her late grandmother, Azriel creates bold statement jewellery that doesn’t work with trends, but certainly remains a fashion focus in any outfit. Trained initially as an interior designer, she soon moved into fashion, after a trip to New York saw her reconstructing…
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 – 17.11.2011

The most amazing pieces can come from the most left of centre ideas. Assad Mounser has never hidden the fact that most of her designs are inspired and almost in homage to rock icons of the past. Next season, Mounser’s detailed intricate neck armor for  bring tribal glam and accessible edge into the mix. Intrigued by…
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 – 11.11.2011

It’s not uncommon to lust after another woman’s handbag. In the case of bag label Sarah’s Bag, every single bag of Sarah’s is one you want to get your hands on. Sarah’s Bag is a collection of handcrafted bags and accessories founded by Beirut based Sarah Beydoun. Born and raised in Lebanon during the time…
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 – 28.10.2011

It is a long way before European summer hits us again, but one to watch for next year is Michaela Buerger’s new range of knitted swimwear. Hand crafted in Austria, Buerger has produced a collection of swimsuits, featuring knitted bikinis, scarves and Pareos. Cut-out one-pieces and multi strapped two-pieces feature crochet paneling and criss-cross inserts…
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 – 24.10.2011

The New York loft style look of stores is something of a common existence now, but Spanish based label Pull & Bear were up there with Urban Outfitters when it came to setting the trend. Their latest collection of heritage inspired clothing consists of sweaters with elbow patches, tee-shirts with washed out graphics and sueded…
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