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Mit den Augen von Justin Tyler Close zu sehen, heißt, viele unterschiedliche Orte und nicht minder viele Menschen kennenzulernen, im letzten Jahr einmal quer durch Europa gereist zu sein (unter anderem mit Stopps in Berlin, Kopenhagen und Frankreich) und zuletzt wieder in der Wahlheimat Los Angeles die warmen Sonnenstrahlen auf der Haut zu spüren. Hier ist nicht nur die Basis des in Kanada geborenen Fotografen, den die Kamera seit Kindheitstagen in einer Hass-Liebe begleitet, sondern ebenso die Geburtsstätte seines Gemeinschaftsprojekts The Lab Magazine, deren Editor in Chief sowie Creative Director er ist.

Ob für sein oder andere Magazine, in freien oder Auftragsarbeiten, jeder von Justin Taylor Closes Fotografien wohnt jene Sensibilität inne, die mit Sicherheit weiß, welche Moment der richtige für die Betätigung des Auslösers ist. Vor ebenjenem Blick des Autodidakten standen in der Vergangenheit unter anderem die Künstlerin Marina Abramovic, die Musiker Lykke Li, Nas, Oh Land, Soko, Edward Sharpe, Christopher Owens, Yuna sowie Jessica Tonder und Schauspielerin Teresa Palmer. Justin Tyler Closes Fotografien erzählen jedoch ebenso persönliche sowie Mode-Geschichten. Editorials finden hier unbefangen neben Studioserien, Künstlerporträts, Liebesgeschichten und Reiseeindrücken statt. Fotografie, das ist für ihn Leben und Arbeit gleichermaßen.

In der neuen Ausgabe von „Durch die Augen von“ nimmt euch Justin Tyler Close in seinen fotografischen Kosmos mit:

Where were you born?
Justin Tyler Close: Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I grew up in a little lake town called Bronte (just outside of Toronto).

What do you see at this very moment?

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I am lying in my bed, looking out my window (not wanting to leave bed).

When did you start to see and capture the world though the lens of a camera?
I’ve been making little movies for as long as I could remember, playing with cameras and following my grandfather around in the garden. But, in my early 20’s while I was at film school, I fell in love with still photography and like any relationship, we break up, make up, yell, scream, cry, but in the end… it is my one true love.

What is the difference between your view on the world with and without the camera?
Recently there is no difference because I feel like I’m always searching. But back in the day it was much different. In the past I treated photography like a job, something that I did when it was asked of me. It was a bit toxic to be honest and as mentioned above, I fell out of love with it often – asking myself why am I doing this? I actually put down my camera for a full year once.
But more recently, I’ve been shifting my work back into shooting stories with strong concepts and working “project to project” with a clear narrative behind it, rather then these one-day simple editorials with celebrities or artists that you can so easily get caught up in. This has changed my entire view all over again and I’m rediscovering myself as an artist, in a good way. I feel like in any art form we change at least 3-4 times in our lifetime (teenage years, 20’s and 30’s, and then everything after that), and our work shifts in different directions with age. That’s a natural transition to me because as we get older, the elements and thoughts around us change.

How would you describe your photographic perspective?
No matter if it’s documentary, lifestyle or portrait I really just search for a raw, simple moment to capture. Those moments hidden inside other moments. I don’t like anything overcomplicated, overproduced or overstyled. I like clean, simple, “less is more” qualities. I shoot only film, mostly Polaroids and 35mm, so if I see something I like and then capture it… that’s it, it is what it is, no turning back and I love that spontaneity and magic. That’s real life to me and I think for me to be honest with my work and myself, I have to shoot this way because it’s the truth.

How do you view yourself?
It’s a strange time for me, because I feel like I’m in this tornado of changes. A transition or shift is happening which leaves me quite confused on how I view myself. This is why a self-portrait of my eye best represents the intensity of change and current state of mind.

through the eyes of Justin Taylor Close_stylemag feature_answer 6

Lately, I feel like I’m only starting to discover what it is I love about myself, and what it is I have to offer others…I’m a sensitive person and am very affected by my surroundings. Whether it be with a lover or a landscape, my relationship to that changes everything. I started realizing this when I started thinking of my work as an ongoing story that has no end, rather than a random collection of photographs that starts and finishes with that one photograph.

What do you enjoy seeing the most?
I go to the desert (Joshua Tree) often because it’s a close drive from where I live in LA, a nice escape, and there is this one tree on my friends ranch that I LOVE!

through the eyes of Justin Taylor Close_stylemag feature_answer 7

It’s a very special tree to me. It brings me a lot of peace. I always end up photographing it in different ways, different times of the day with different perspectives. It’s one of those things I don’t think I can explain well, so this probably sounds really silly and drug induced, but it’s not…. more spiritual than anything.

Which picture that you took is your favorite one?

through the eyes of Justin Taylor Close_stylemag feature_answer 8

I really have no favorite picture, but the image that means to the most to me “now”, is a self-portrait I took in Cahors, France last summer.

The first picture you took…
I have no clue!? I remember taking a lot of pictures of plants, gardens and older people. That’s really my first memory of photography. 

The latest picture you took…

through the eyes of Justin Taylor Close_stylemag feature_answer 10

I recently found an old love letter, from a past lover hidden away in a box and I snapped a shot of the envelope on my phone. I made it blurry because I felt like it best represented the letter and the time I found the letter.

Where can we see your pictures today?
You can see them at justintylerclose.com but as mentioned above, I’m basically changing everything about myself right now, so the curation is a mega “work in progress”. Websites are the most frustrating thing in the world to me and so is curating your own work. It’s like sticking fingers down your throat trying to vomit. But yes, you can click there and see something… also here is my diary.

Klickt euch durch die ausgewählten Arbeiten von Justin Tyler Close in der Galerie:


Über die Serie „Durch die Augen von“: Im Kontext der Fotografie wird der Augenblick zum doppelsinnigen Bezugspunkt. Vermag die Fotografie, im Gegensatz zum Film, immer „nur“ einen Moment, einen Augenblick, einzufangen, so markiert der fotografische Augenblick zugleich auch seine Entstehungsbedingungen. Nicht die eigenen Augen bestimmen die Perspektive, sondern der Betrachter nimmt unweigerlich die Position ein, die das neugierige, zielsichere Augen des Fotografen für ihn (und sich) wählte. Ein Bild wird zum Zeugnis seines Schöpfers, eines Fotografen, der seiner Sicht auf die Umwelt visuell Ausdruck verleiht. Die Serie „Durch die Augen von“ macht sich diese Ambiguität zunutze, um in die Arbeit ausgewählter Kreativer einzuführen.

Alle Folgen von „Durch die Augen von“ sind hier um Überblick zu finden

Alle Fotos: Justin Tyler Close.

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