– 14.12.2011

They seek inspiration in the most unlikely places, and pay respect to cultural identities with design. This season, MoutonCollet have merged the ideas of pop art iconography and Masai princesses to build the collection “Requiem of the Sun”.

The colour palette is outrageously fresh, inspired by solar colours. Cottons are found in nude, rose fluorescent and yellow while metals come in silver, gunmetal grey and almost beige. Pearls are of dusty pink, black and clear nature while strass, the art of covering glass with a metal powder, is finished in opaline.

Ornamental jewellery worn by women of the desert, the sun’s intense rays and Warhol’s obsession with femininity inspire the use of cotton lace, metal lace, mother of pearl and crystal strass materials. Hand woven embroidery using studded lace and cord is interwoven with cabochon gemstones and highly polished silver and gold.

Cuffs and earrings are oversized and sit like armoury, to be worn like shields. Choker necklaces are made with a clever mix of lace, pearls and rhinestones. Headbands present chic use of embroidered weaving, knitted pieces and precious macramé.

Paying homage to culturally iconic women warriors with a nod towards the POP art movement, MoutonCollet have created a collection one can only aspire to wear.

Author > Retna Wooller

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