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These days, everyone claims to be a photographer. Point, shoot, upload or delete. For just over a year, the blog site of artist and art historian Predrag Pajdic has been inspiring and delighting all who follow his works, his words and his travels on The Pandorian. Highly styled portraits of people Pajdic meets and discovers in his travels are woven into The Pandorian’s beautifully directed narrative.

Choosing to photograph all who intrigue him, Pajdic’s subjects are either long term friends, or newly made friends for life. “Sometimes I could be inspired by a book I read, or a person I meet. Most of the time it happens in a moment when I meet a person who would be in my image. It is almost like alchemy between 2 people, a chemistry between me on one side of a camera and a person I shoot. Sometimes I would have a starting idea but end up shooting something completely different. I often leave things to the very last moment. Without much controlling and planning there is a space in which magic can happen.”

As well as curating art publications, producing exhibitions and travelling, Pajdic dedicates his remaining time to the (advert free) blog The Pandorian, who receives over 1.5 million visitors a month.

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Exhibition: Genesis, curated by Diego Gonzalez for BAC 2011 (Contemporary Art Festival Barcelona 2011) from 11 of November


Exhibition: The Oracle, curated by Predrag Pajdic for WE*DO Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, 5 January – 5 April 2012



Exhibition: Noetic Corpus: Sojourn of The Soul, solo exhibition by Predrag Pajdic from February 2012 at Wrong Weather Gallery, Porto, Portugal


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