– 11.09.2011

PUMA.Peace, a special division of sportswear brand PUMA, aims to support global peace and pave the way towards a safer, more loving world. Thanks to this initiative, Puma was awarded for the Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  at the prestigious Peace and Sport Awards 2010 as well as the Luxury Briefing “Innovation” Award 2011.

At this year’s World Peace Festival in Berlin, PUMA.Peace commissioned London-based, German experimental  animator and media artist Max Hattler, to create an art video that presents us with an abstracted vision of war and peace.

Max describes the movie as conceptually “about how violence breeds violence, and love breeds love. Only by turning the other cheek can we bring about change, understanding and peace.”

Known to rework a complex concept into something of narrative substance, Hattler’s works have appeared at a number of film festivals including MOCA Taipei (Taiwan), Yota Space (St. Petersburg), the Museum of Image and Sound (Sao Paulo), SuperDeluxe (Tokyo), Electrovisiones (Mexico City), Cimatics (Brussels) and the ICA (London). As well as creating music videos for the likes of Basement Jaxx and promotional material for a number of commercial venture, Hattler uses his art to relay a message of peace, hope and love.






RE:AX “Peace Starts With Me”
A new film by Max Hattler commissioned by PUMA.Peace for the World Peace Festival 2011.

Music Production and Sound Design: Noia Schreus

image credit > Still from the movie supplied
Author >  Retna Wooller

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