– 20.07.2011

Australia’s Sydney beaches are some of the best in the world. So it only seems fitting that some of the best swimwear in the world comes from this shining city. Photographic prints, loveable use of colours and cropping and sexy materials make for a very lustworthy combination in the form of label We Are Handsome. The musings of duo Indhra Chagoury and Jeremy Jules, We Are Handsome uses photographs of hot air ballons, roaring tigers and galloping horses (to tug on one’s heartstrings),  and applies the imagery to leggings, mini dresses and sexy swimwear.

The result turns women in to walking billboards that further results in turning heads. Proudly 100% designed and handmade, We Are Handsome have claimed over night success, now stocked in some of the most prestigious stores around the world. What started as a project between partners, is now one of the most sought after labels around. Sometimes blood, sweat and tears can get in the way of a jolly good idea.


All images taken from We Are Handsome website and blog http://agirlinhongkong.blogspot.com

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