– 15.06.2011
The review for the new compilation from Laid, Dial Records vinyl-only subsidiary writes itself. Laid has, up to now, put out a long series of excellent 12” singles from artists who are of like mind, recalling in every way the tenets of United States HOUSE music. They’ve broke at least one star, Cleveland born John Roberts (whose horse with a broken leg gallop smash „Blame“ makes a show here). They’ve invited Hamburg cohorts Smallpeople (owners of the Smallville record shop and label) to contribute (here represented by tough yet blissful „A Place Called Dream“). They’ve championed some new (Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium) and not so new (Rick Wade) US house traditionalists.
What I am trying to say here is this: the label was lovingly curated and has kept up a level of quality rarely seen in the days of bandwagoneering and Beatport quick buck sales. This compilation serves to show people who (for some idiotic reason) don’t buy vinyl what they have been missing. You like Workshop? Kassem Mosse is on here with a 10+ minute hi hat workout for your earballs. You like jazzy experimentation, soon to be star Marcello Napolitano is going to make you feel like you smoked something with Electronic Atmosphere. You like the Hamburg house sound? Lawrence, RNDM, and Christopher Rau all make appearances. So go and get this. It’s that good. And just in case I haven’t convinced you yet, the opening track by Lowtec, „Use Me“, is a slice of aching Chicago soul that you can imagine a room full of doe-eyed girls swaying to with their eyes closed and smiles on their faces.
V.A. „Laid Compilation“
released on Laid Records
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